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This year is all about celebrating this huge chapter in your life! I am here to create a custom and personalized senior experience just for you. From the time you book until your final ​gallery is delivered, it will be personal! Your images will be vibrant and reflect YOU!

let's do this!

The CWCP SEnior Experience

kind words from first-hand experiences

"There are no accurate words to describe how amazing my son's senior portrait session was with Casey Childers. Noah despises having his picture taken. I was worried that the photos would look awkward, with forced, fake smiles. The second Casey began chatting with Noah while setting up, my concerns vanished. He was instantly at ease, just playing his various guitars, smiling and laughing organically throughout the session. The end result was pure magic. And the joy Casey expresses as she works is magic in itself. I cannot recommend her enough. She is amazing!"

elaine  (senior mom)

"I have known of Casey for a couple of years and have seen a lot of her work. When I saw a friend's senior pictures I knew I wanted Casey to capture my daughter's senior year.  Casey was a joy to work with from beginning to end! It was such a smooth and seamless process from signing the contract to taking the pictures.  Casey was there to answer any questions we had. But most importantly...the pictures she took are AMAZING! She captured Alli's most beautiful and natural self.  I will treasure these forever! I can't recommend Casey enough!!!"

kim (senior mom)

"Choosing Casey for my son's senior photos proved to be a great decision! The session was easy and fun. She was able to make him comfortable and he was willing to try anything she asked. Casey was able to capture my son's personality through her pictures. He even said that was much better than he expected and that says a lot coming form a 17 year old boy!"

jennifer (senior mom)

"Casey is amazing at what she does. She took our family photos a few years ago, and I immediately asked her to take our twin girls' senior pictures. Each and every photo she took of our girls are absolutely stunning. She made both girls feel beautiful and confident - which was reflected in the photos. Casey is kind and compassionate and truly cares about her customers. 
There aren't enough words to describe
how great I think her work is!"

shellie (senior mom)

Having Mrs. Casey as my senior photographer was the best decision I could have made! For my session, I chose a city scene, and I was a bit worried about being around a lot of people while getting my pictures taken. However, this fear left IMMEDIATELY because Mrs. Casey made me feel so incredibly comfortable the entire time. She completely hyped me up throughout the shoot, and I left my session feeling so beautiful and good about myself. I 100% recommended CWCP to everyone, as Mrs. Casey’s sweet personality combined with stunning pictures created the best experience I could have imagined!

rowan, class of 2022

anna-brooke {class of 2023}

"It has been a dream working with Mrs. Casey throughout the duration of my senior year! Mrs. Casey’s bubbly personality and talent behind the camera not only makes me feel beautiful but also confident! through the various mini sessions she offers, my entire senior year was flawlessly captured! it has been a joy working with her, and i am going to greatly miss not only her but the entire senior spokesmodel team!"

My senior sessions were some of the highlights of my senior year. With each session I grew more and more confident in myself and how I am in front of the camera. Casey Childers was always there to hype me up and make me feel beautiful. Not only was she so kind but also took some of my favorite photos that I can use for years. If you want not only great photos but a great overall experience, Casey Childers is the way to go!

izzy {class of 2022}

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Once you fill out an interest form, I will be in touch within 48 hours. From there, we will discuss dates and availability.  Because I only take limited sessions per season, I do require a 25% deposit to secure your session. 
From there, I will be in touch often!

01. the booking process

what to expect

i'm ready to book!

Not only will I help guide you DURING your session, but I will be available throughout the journey from everything to outfit choices to location choices! Shoot me an Insta message anytime! All of my CWCP Seniors will receive my style guide and my detailed questionnaire! This helps us both go into your session with utmost excitement. ​You will leave feeling so confident!


what to expect

I promise you won't need crazy, heavy editing! Really! No ​labored ​photoshop work here. I will show the real, authentic, beautiful, stunning YOU as you are!


what to expect

I can guarantee you that none of my seniors are models. What I CAN tell you is that at the beginning of each session and throughout the entire duration, I will help coach, pose and guide you! There is no bigger hype girl in a session than me! No experience necessary to make this a WIN! You will leave feeling so confident!


what to expect

I know waiting is hard...I get it! Just because I like to keep your excitement up after a session, all of my seniors receive a sneak peek on Instagram and Facebook 1-2 days after their session!

05. You will stay excited!

what to expect

 ​Within 2 weeks, seniors will receive their proofing gallery and once the select number of images have been determined, they will receive them within 3-4 days! No waiting 3-4 weeks before receiving your images over here! 

06. Gallery delivery time! yay!

what to expect

who is an ideal cwcp senior?


A senior who sees my work and wants the same vibrant, lively style!  
That's not an ego driven statement, but what you see is what you get. I don't use 'filters' when I edit.  I hand edit everything. If you like what you see and want that, too, then let's do it!

who is an ideal cwcp senior?


Someone who is willing to try! Even if you don't necessarily feel confident posing, if you feel good enough to give something I say a try, then we can work together!

who is an ideal cwcp senior?


Someone who is confident in their own skin! As much as I want everyone to LOVE their senior session, I can tell you that no amount of lighting can make someone see themselves different, even if they are gorgeous. Get confident with yourself and hype yourself up in front of that mirror!
(Because believe me, I will be that person in your session!) 

who is an ideal cwcp senior?


Someone who is genuinely a good, kind person. A senior who wants to build up others - not bring them down.
Kind people are the most beautiful people to me. The world has enough problems and negativity.  I am somenoe who wants to counteract it with good and integrity.

Signature sessions

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the cwcp senior spokesmodel team

The CWCP Spokesmodel Team is a select group of ideal high school seniors that represent the brand and face of Casey W. Childers Photography.

This lasts for the duration of their senior year. This highly selected group is chosen through an application process and receive countless perks including participation in photoshoots, group sessions, digital images to share on social media, occasional complimentary hair and makeup, cash bonuses, gifts, styled shoots, and more!

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Collections beginning at $275 + tax

There is a lot that goes into your senior session!  I may only see you for 1 hour, but there is great detail, care, conversation, professionalism, a fully insured business and extensive editing that goes into everything that you are presented with in the end! 
In addition to what you see, all of my collections include: 
The CWCP Senior Style Guide
Personalized recommendations for locations
Professional editing of all images that are delivered into the final proofing gallery

senior collections

click on a collection to learn more

$275 + tax

On average, this is perfect for a senior who wants an experience with Casey, but may not care for multiple locations.  1 Location is perfect for this session, and even a quick outfit change can be made! It will fly by, but some of my favorite images come from this session!

Collection 1: simple

30 minute session
1 location
15 final digital images of choice
print release

$500 + tax

This is the most popular collection and perfect for a senior who wants a longer experience, usually more than 1 location!  Typically 2 locations work with this session (travel time takes up session time), and most seniors ride with a parent and change en route to the second location. 

Collection 2: standard

60 minute session
1-2 location(s)
30 final digital images of choice
print release

$700 + tax

This is for the avid, camera ready senior, ready to make a day and celebrate! Here, we take on multiple locations and scout out the afternoon.  Typically 3, even 4 locations work with this session (travel time takes up session time), and most seniors ride with a parent and change en route to the second location.  For seniors that want a huge finally gallery, this is it!

Collection 3: signature

Up to 2 hours of session time
2-3 location(s)
All final digital images
a USB drive of all images
Complimentary prints
print release