Hey there & welcome!

let me introduce myself...

my name is casey, and I grew up in a town i'll bet you have never been to....

I grew up in the metropolis that is Cove City, N.C. (population 500...people).  This little town was made up primarily of my McCoy sided family.  I grew up in our family owned grocery store, "Whaley's" stocking shelves, wrapping meat and counting change back to adults 'the right way'.  Cove is smack-dab in the middle of New Bern and Kinston. The most common response I hear is, "I think I've seen that sign on the way to the beach!"

I went to Appalachian State for my undergrad in Music Education & Sacred Music {clarinet emphasis} but quickly found myself back in Eastern N.C.  I then obtained my master's degree at East Carolina University in Organ Performance and Sacred Music. I found my vocation as Minister of Music and Organist at First Christian Church in Wilson in 2007 where I am still employed full time! 

I met my husband after he asked me to accompany for his middle school choir.  I told him to call me, he later showed up to my door...LITERALLY - I was so distracted I burned the steak. We hit it off, were married in 2014, became parents to two amazing little boys, and haven't stopped burning the candle at both ends!

favorite things

place to shop

marshalls or thrift store

my black kate spade earrings 
necklace with my mom's wedding diamond

yoga pants, tank & tennis shoes

love it or list it, dr. phil,
+ dateline

france, spain, germany, england

sushi and Any and all coffee, please!



TV shows

place I've been

drinks & Food

yard work, cleaning & getting my hands dirty with plants!

things to do

one of my many nalgene bottles. ALWAYS!

something I always have with me

things i love

I never envisioned being a 'mom'. It wasn't in my DNA, I was never a 'kid' person. But I can tell you that now, there is no where I would rather be than with my kids! I grew up a tomboy, so it is fitting that I get to wrestle around with these two! 
When I am home with them,
that time is precious and sacred.

my family

My mom passed away unexpectedly  at age 53 in May 2010. We now know  it was cardiomyopathy.  It is a specific type that causes electrical issues in the heart with an 85% sudden cardiac arrest rate.  With a great team of doctors, I had a defibrillator placed December 2021. While my mom didn't have the opportunity to fully live life, because of the knowledge we now have, another life could be prolonged.  And yes, I am now bionic woman. 

my health

My mom always loved getting her hands in the dirt, and I never quite understood it until she passed in 2010. Ever since, I have had a love of planting flowers, propagating perennials around my yard, and now, trying my best to become a master gardener!

getting in the dirt

I am cheap! I nearly refuse to buy things new and love to find a deal in a thrift shop or a clearance rack! Nothing makes me more excited than finding a deal!  I also feel it's a responsible thing to do in care for God's creation.  There is SO much 'stuff' already floating around... let's use it!

bargain shopping

I have definitely found that I am a go getter that leaves a staff meeting with a list and ONLY feel accomplished when it's checked off. 
Enneagram 3 much? 
I have lists everywhere! One for personal life, one for my full time job, one for my business...literally. 

lists {and checking them off!}

It's probably redundant, but really... 
I truly enjoy getting out with just myself and my camera.  Just like this image I took last year, I never know what I may find...and I STILL find the raw joy in this hobby-turned-business. 

photography for myself