Hey there & welcome!

let me introduce myself...

my name is casey, and I grew up in a town i'll bet you have never been to....

I grew up in the metropolis that is Cove City, N.C. (population 500...people).  This little town was made up primarily of my McCoy sided family.  I grew up in our family owned grocery store, "Whaley's" stocking shelves, wrapping meat and counting change back to adults 'the right way'.  Cove is smack-dab in the middle of New Bern and Kinston. The most common response I hear is, "I think I've seen that sign on the way to the beach!"

I went to Appalachian State for my undergrad in Music Education & Sacred Music {clarinet emphasis} but quickly found myself back in Eastern N.C.  I then obtained my master's degree at East Carolina University in Organ Performance and Sacred Music. I found my vocation as Minister of Music and Organist at First Christian Church in Wilson in 2007 where I am still employed full time! 

I met my husband after he asked me to accompany for his middle school choir.  I told him to call me, he later showed up to my door...LITERALLY - I was so distracted I burned the steak. We hit it off, were married in 2014, became parents to two amazing little boys, and haven't stopped burning the candle at both ends!

a few of my favorite things

places to shop

marshalls or thrift store

my black kate spade earrings 
necklace with my mom's wedding diamond

love it or list it, dr. phil,
+ dateline

france, spain, germany, england

sushi, seafood and Any and all coffee, please!


TV shows

place I've been

drinks & Food

yard work, cleaning & getting my hands dirty with plants!

things to do

one of my many nalgene bottles. ALWAYS!

always with me

things i love

I never envisioned being a 'mom'. It wasn't in my DNA, I was never a 'kid' person. But I can tell you that now, there is no where I would rather be than with my kids! I grew up a tomboy, so it is fitting that I get to wrestle around with these two! 
When I am home with them,
that time is precious and sacred.

my family

My mom passed away unexpectedly  at age 53 in May 2010. We now know  it was cardiomyopathy.  It is a specific type that causes electrical issues in the heart with an 85% sudden cardiac arrest rate.  With a great team of doctors, I had a defibrillator placed December 2021. While my mom didn't have the opportunity to fully live life, because of the knowledge we now have, another life could be prolonged.  And yes, I am now bionic woman. 

my health

My mom always loved getting her hands in the dirt, and I never quite understood it until she passed in 2010. Ever since, I have had a love of planting flowers, propagating perennials around my yard, and now, trying my best to become a master gardener!

getting in the dirt

I am cheap! I nearly refuse to buy things new and love to find a deal in a thrift shop or a clearance rack! Nothing makes me more excited than finding a deal!  I also feel it's a responsible thing to do in care for God's creation.  There is SO much 'stuff' already floating around... let's use it!

bargain shopping

I have definitely found that I am a go getter that leaves a staff meeting with a list and ONLY feel accomplished when it's checked off.  I may even make lists JUST to check things off. 
Enneagram 3 much? 
I have lists everywhere! One for personal life, one for my full time job, one for my business...literally. 

lists {and checking them off!}

It's probably redundant, but really... 
I truly enjoy getting out with just myself and my camera.  Just like this image I took last year, I never know what I may find...and I STILL find the raw joy in this hobby-turned-business. 

photography for myself