tell me more about being a spokesmodel

The CWCP Spokesmodel Team is a group of seniors who represent the brand of Casey W. Childers Photography throughout the school year! Throughout the year, those who join will be able to participate in a variety of opportunities to not only get group photos, but also load up on additional individual pictures, gain new friends, get bonuses for referring your friends, create a ton of fun memories that they will be able to look back on for years to come!

Parents, I ensure you this isn't something scammy. There is a fee for my largest portrait session ($600 + tax) which is desirable at the time of their actual senior session, but the rest is complimentary. This is a program designed for seniors to build their confidence, support each other, cheer each other on AND certainly, as a bonus, help promote what I LOVE doing which is engaging with seniors as a photographer! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! This is transparent and an open book. :)

So let’s dive right in! When you join the CWCP SPOKESMODEL TEAM, you gain instant access to quite A LOT of perks. 

Applications for the class of 2025
Spokesmodel team are now closed!

love the crazy amount of sessions you can be a part of? 

{it's okay! go ahead and scroll through a few below just to see what you can be a part of!}

hear from past spokesmodel team members! 

"As a part of your spokesmodel team, I have been granted the opportunity to not only promote an amazing local photography business, but make the most of my senior experience! I have loved being a part of this team, for I have been able to capture some of the greatest memories with my best friends! You are an amazing photographer, and I have loved all the opportunities and sessions I was granted as a part of this team! I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything!
Thank you, Mrs. Casey!"

{class of 2023}

"It has been a dream working with Mrs. Casey throughout the duration of my senior year! Mrs. Casey’s bubbly personality and talent behind the camera not only makes me feel beautiful but also confident! through the various mini sessions she offers, my entire senior year was flawlessly captured! it has been a joy working with her, and i am going to greatly miss not only her but the entire senior spokesmodel team!"

{class of 2023}

"I'm not sure I could fit all my thoughts about the senior experience into just one paragraph because I have so many positive things to say! Casey is amazing and I was never disappointed with how my pictures turned out.  I loved not only meeting some new people but also being able to share this experience with my friends.  Being able to capture some special images that will last a lifetime and I can look back on is such a neat things that I am grateful I have the opportunity to experience.  This program has been so much fun and I cannot recommend doing this enough!"

emerson {class of 2023}

Having Mrs. Casey as my senior photographer was the best decision I could have made! For my session, I chose a city scene, and I was a bit worried about being around a lot of people while getting my pictures taken. However, this fear left IMMEDIATELY because Mrs. Casey made me feel so incredibly comfortable the entire time. She completely hyped me up throughout the shoot, and I left my session feeling so beautiful and good about myself. I 100% recommended CWCP to everyone, as Mrs. Casey’s sweet personality combined with stunning pictures created the best experience I could have imagined!

rowan {class of 2022}

My senior sessions were some of the highlights of my senior year. With each session I grew more and more confident in myself and how I am in front of the camera. Casey Childers was always there to hype me up and make me feel beautiful. Not only was she so kind but also took some of my favorite photos that I can use for years. If you want not only great photos but a great overall experience, Casey Childers is the way to go!

izzy {class of 2022}

The Spokesmodel fee for the class of 2025 is $650 + tax

Click each image below to learn more about to expect!

CWCP Spokesmodel

Applications for the Class of 2025 will be open for 1 month only!  March 1 - March 31, 2024!
It’s important that I select girls who will represent the brand well.

Application deadline is march 31

who represents the cwcp brand?

Someone who is involved in school/community
Being a friendly person and have a willingness to help others
One having good integrity and ONLY posting appropriate social media content (i.e. no degrading/derogatory posts of any nature - if found, you will be immediately terminated as a CWCP Ambassador without warning). I was told once that integrity is what you do when you think no one else is watching. I believe in this completely.
Uplifting other Spokesmodels and CWCP Seniors. Character and
being supporters of others is huge in my business and team.
Having an authentic desire to work with CWCP! Spots are limited!​ 

Pay a one time fee of $650 + tax due by December 2024,
 so please talk to your parents prior to applying!
This is simply a discounted cost my largest portrait session
which includes unlimited digital images.
Yes, you get them ALL!
But instead of just getting ONE session, you literally get photos ALL - YEAR - LONG! Seriously, if you love pictures, this is CHRISTMAS year round!

pay a one time fee due by December 2024

you are receiving a $2,750 valued senior experience
when all of the sessions are totaled! 


apply here!

This isn't just something absolutely without work.
 You will be serving as my biggest advocates for other seniors!

carry on the responsibilities

Post your photos on Social Media so your friends can learn about Casey W. Childers Photography. That’s it! It’s super easy to do and doesn’t interfere with a job or schoolwork! If you have time to post on Facebook or Instagram (especially if you are great at it), you might as well do it and get something out of it as well! Besides, this is the best way to get people to sign up and earn your cash back! Posts will happen at least every Sunday, known as "Senior Sunday'.

*You must use CWCP as your sole photographer throughout the duration of your senior year.
*You must actively interact with the Casey W. Childers Photography social media pages including "following" or "liking" the page and commenting on fellow Spokesmodel posts.
*Participate actively in this community.
*Consciously refer friends to Casey W. Childers Photography
*Publish behind the scenes reels, movies and images on social media through stories, posts, or other. These posts include the hashtag #caseywchildersphotography and #cwcpsenior and will encourage friends/followers to book and follow. A minimum of 2-3 posts is required per month.
*You must communicate! 

There’s only one mandatory event – the opening meet and greet/photo session. The rest of the events and photoshoots are all optional! So you can easily keep up with school, sports, jobs, family, etc.

what is entailed?

is there a possibility I could be removed once accepted? 

Any spokesmodel who is seen not communicating/responding to emails or group messages will be removed with only 1 warning.  The same goes true for a Spokesmodel who is found to be negative, rude to others or not representing my brand.  You will still receive your largest Senior Session, but all other complimentary sessions will be forfeited. 

The deadline for applications is March 31.  The Class of 2025 Team will be notified the week before Memorial Day week and will be formally announced Memorial day!

have your calendar ready

IF YOU ARE CHOSEN, we will have our
FIRST meet and greet and group photo session on
Sunday, June 9 at 5PM in Wilson! 

At this event I will have a calendar for all of the Mini-Sessions for the year. 
Of course, these are always dependent on rain, but it can be helpful for those with jobs.  *MINI SESSIONS will only be held on the dates given in June, UNLESS there is inclement weather.  

mark this date now

Just a little about what you receive 
a $2,750 value in total!

* Your personal Signature Senior Session (Up to two hours of session time and UNLIMITED digital files - $700 value!) This does not include travel if more than 15 miles outside of Wilson.
* A complimentary group mini-session with other spokesmodels on Sunday, June 9th 2024 at 5PM ($150 value!).
*An INSTANT $75 print credit towards any of your images printed through CWCP
* An ADDITIONAL $30 print credit for every referral.
* A $125 visa gift card for every 5 referrals. Referred senior must mention your name at time of booking and book the standard or signature package.

*Additional complimentary group styled sessions (where you receive more individual images) ($1400 value!)
*A complimentary cap & gown session the first week in June 2025 prior to your graduation (5 images of choice at this session, $175 value!).
This lasts for the duration of their senior year. This highly selected group is chosen through an application process and receive countless perks including participation in photoshoots, group sessions, digital images to share on social media, occasional complimentary hair and makeup, cash bonuses, gifts, styled shoots, and more!