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Yes, I get that! I have all the answers and it's just another day behind the camera. I LOVE IT!  However, you may have some questions that are sitting in the back of your mind. I understand this when I am new to something! Here, I hope to help!

This is an experience you are paying for! While I hope to leave no stone unturned, I am here to make this experience as seamless as possible.  I am here to walk with you!

I try to populate the most frequently asked questions I receive to help in your process!  If you have a question that isn't answered, simply click the 'inquire' button at the bottom and we can get it answered!

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Senior FAQs


A:  It is my assumption unless otherwise mentioned that your session will be held in Wilson.  However, IF it is able to work with my full time job, then yes! I have traveled to the North Carolina Museum of Art, to Beaufort and beyond.  If you intend to travel, this needs to be asked up front.  Mileage would be added onto your session fee at the NC 2023 State Rate of .655/mile

3. How many locations can I have in 1 session? 

A: It depends on the session.  Travel time counts as time of your session.  So say you have a 30 minute session and wish to have the Botanical Gardens and Downtown Wilson.  You would only gain about 10 minutes of session time at the first location before we had to travel to the second location.  So I highly suggest 1 location in the Simple Location, 1-2 locations for the Standard Collection, and 2-3 locations for the Signature Collection. 

4. Where do I change outfits? 

A: Honestly, most seniors change in their car.  If a parent is driving, most commonly, seniors will change en route to the second location.  Some stay at one location and still change in their car! I also have a pop-up tent that ensures privacy in very public locations. Literally, I can pop it out at the corner of Tarboro and Nash Street for a quick and easy change while walking in Downtown Wilson! Picture for proof!

5. When is my senior picture due? 

A: Again, this depends on the school!  For many schools (Hunt and Fike included), you have the option to provide an image for the yearbook.  These are typically due the first week in November.  

Other schools have standardized images that are required to be used, so there is no deadline.  Others have standardized images, but allow seniors to have an 'ad page' in the yearbook.  Check with your personal high school to know!

6. how long until I receive my proofing gallery? 

A: With my sessions, I generally share a sneak peek within 1-2 days of the session!  With proofing galleries, you have 2 options. 

1) QUICK delivery UNEDITED.  From there you choose your faves which will be delivered ASAP!

2) Fully edited proofing gallery.  These proofing galleries are guaranteed within 2 weeks of the session date.  From there, you choose the amount of digital files that came with your session and submit them to me.  From there, you receive your final images within 3-4 days!

7. can I purchase more images than what came with my collection? 

A: Absolutely!  Additional high resolution digital files are $15/image OR the option of purchasing your entire gallery for a set price!
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1. when do I need to book my session with CWCP? 

A: FULL disclaimer: Photography is not my full time job! I am a full time Minister of Music and Organist and keep regular hours, many of which are in the evenings.  Because of this, I take on a limited number of sessions each season based on my ability to balance my full time vocation, my photography business and being a mom of two young boys.  All this to day, I suggest 4-5 months in advance! I take retainers well in advance to ensure seriousness of booking and to ensure that I allow a number of sessions in a season.  It's never too early! I have retainers for seniors set to graduate 2 years from now!  

NO problem!  Let's get it straight!  Go ahead and submit a contact form and include your question in the form!  I will be in touch within 24-48 hours with an answer!

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That's what this is all about, right?  Sharing!  Whether your goal is to share your images on social media for friends and family abroad, or share them with generations to come long after you, let the sharing begin.

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